A Joint Venture between the Oomiak and Bronswerk groups, Oomiak Marine combines a strong and trusted presence in the Australian market with internationally renowned marine HVAC and Refrigeration systems expertise.

Oomiak Marine
Bronswerk groups

Oomiak Marine specialises in delivering full turn-key solutions for the defence sector, specifically surface combatants, naval support ships and submarine fleets. Headquartered in Adelaide, the centre of Australia’s maritime defence industry, we have service centres and fleet maintenance capacity in every Australian State plus a footprint in the wider APAC region.

Bronswerk’s deep experience specifically within the defence sector coupled with Oomiak’s strong manufacturing, installation and maintenance capability means that Oomiak Marine is strategically positioned to deliver for the country’s fast-growing ship building and defence market.

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World leading technical expertise WITH LOCAL MANUFACTURING

We bring complete integrated HVAC-R products and support services which are engineered to withstand the most rigorous climate conditions, qualification requirements and offer prolonged reliability.  We combine world leading technical expertise with local manufacturing capacity specifically tailored to naval and defence.

Our Australian based engineers, project managers and technicians use extensive local experience of working within Australia’s marine sector and couple this with the technical expertise from Bronswerk’s global team of engineers and designers.

Bronswerk’s established product innovation means that we can deliver efficient systems that offer flexibility and adaptability. All systems are low-noise and low-vibration, with superior pitch and roll tolerance. All of our projects also meet rigorous global quality and defence standards.

Our local team is equipped to work with each client throughout the design, build and fit-out process and to provide ongoing maintenance support.

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Business Development Marine
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What we can do

The Oomiak Marine team combine to bring to the Australian market experience of engineering solutions for military clients worldwide, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Qatar, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia.

For defence applications, our project deliverables include

  • Heat-load analysis
  • Conceptual, basic and detailed system design
  • Tailored equipment design and manufacturing to meet special needs
  • Procurement of components and materials
  • ILS documentation
  • Operator Maintenance Training
  • Testing and commissioning
  • System warranty
  • In service support, after-sales service and spare parts (worldwide)

HVAC-R product range includes

  • Chilled Water Plants
  • Radar Cooling Units
  • Domestic Refrigeration Condensing units
  • NBC Filter Stations
  • Air Handling Units
  • Fan Coil Units


Barracuda Class Nuclear Submarine

The Bronswerk team has extensive installation and maintenance experience on Barracuda Class Nuclear Submarine fleets in Europe.

Projects have included:

  • Self Contained Units;
  • Cold Rooms;
  • Fan Coil Units

Dreadnought Class of UK Submarine

The team has leveraged its world leading technical expertise to install and maintain state of the art Refrigeration Systems on the UK Dreadnought Fleet.

The work included:

  • Patented CUBE system
  • Shock, Plug and Play, compact, R1234ze,
  • Replaceable in 5 min.