our values

The values that drive outstanding performance by every Oomiak team member and sub- contractor are:


We are passionate about what we do. We approach work and life with a positive attitude and a belief that we will succeed. We are enthusiastic about our clients’ businesses and share our passion for our own.


We listen to our customers and interpret their needs. We understand what is important to them and we give them the confidence they seek in our ability to deliver. We listen to the people that we employ either permanently or as contractors. We believe that we will be better at what we do through communicating openly.


It is how we do what we do. We are ethical, competent, confident and committed in all our dealings. We are well presented. We do what we say we will when we say we will.

Innovative and resourceful

We embrace new ideas and concepts and old ones too! We leverage our combined knowledge in our drive to deliver smart solutions. We are forward thinking and practical. We always make a difference.


We look out for and support each other and appreciate the benefit of doing so. We seek and share our knowledge. We know our role within the team and the importance of every member. We know that the team consistently achieves more than the individual and that only the team can sustain success.


We are fired by a will to succeed in all our endeavours, and to achieve positive outcomes for our customers and for ourselves. We understand what it means to be successful and know how to share and celebrate it.