our story

Oomiak was launched in early 2006 by Mark Holden and Cate McGuire who had a ‘great idea’ to combine more than 20 years experience in refrigeration and management and marketing to create a unique provider of industrial refrigeration services in Australia.

Mark and Cate knew that customers were looking for a service provider that could quickly gain an understanding of their businesses and offer solutions that meet not only immediate, but also future needs. The Oomiak team prides itself on its ability to offer solutions to current and future needs in a diverse range of industries.

In a relatively short timeframe Oomiak has grown from a “great idea” to become a leader in industrial refrigeration in Australia. Customers throughout Australia and Asia are serviced from customer service centres in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Rockhampton.

Oomiak (pronounced oo-me-ack)is a skin and wood open boat used by the Inuit (formerly Eskimos) to move goods and foodstuffs from one climate to another”