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Service and maintenance of all types of refrigeration systems, including both industrial ammonia plants and freon type systems, is a major component of Oomiak’s business.

The Customer Support team offers a wide range of skills and a network of suppliers to ensure that customers have full support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

‘Oomiak’s service regime focuses on inspection, measurement and assessment rather than simply replacing components’

Services include:

Maintenance Inspections

Important in ensuring that plant is functioning in line with expectations and that risk to personnel, property and stock are kept realistically low. These inspections have a strong focus on identifying problems early, making minor adjustments and attending to basic servicing and lubrication needs.

Annual Inspections

This more detailed process tests operational and safety settings on items generally not handled throughout the year and other specific items. They are geared to ensuring customer compliance and to protect the reliability and integrity of the plant, and include:

  • plant safety
  • oil analysis
  • thermal imaging of switchboards
  • ammonia detector recalibration
  • general plant condition.


Reports and results are provided in a consistent format to build up a plant history. The reports form the basis for forward planning for future maintenance or overhaul work that may require scheduling.