MTX Ripening Systems

Oomiak brings world leader MTX Ripening Systems to Australia

Oomiak has formed a strategic relationship with MTX Ripening Systems to bring their world leading ripening technology to Australia.

Established for over 30 years the MTX Ripening System has been adopted by many customers all over the world. With extensive presence in the United Kingdom, North America, Canada, South Africa and Europe, MTX continues to lead the way in fruit ripening technologies.

The MTX Ripening System has been designed with a number of fundamental design and user issues in mind such as energy efficiency, user friendliness, ease of loading/unloading, good lighting and safe and easy maintenance access. The result is a ripening system which is as hygienic in its appearance as it is practical and efficient in operation.

In particular Oomiak and MTX see great potential in Australia for the use of the MTX tarpless system which has been installed extensively throughout the world.

MTX Ripening Systems Video

For further details about MTX Ripening Systems visit their website

For specific ripening enquiries in Australia call Oomiak on 1300 731 699 or email